Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quiet Nights and Crazy Weekends

It's been several weeks and they've all been filled with adventure, at least for Mimi. 

She's been in a J-Pop Idol competition...
...she's proclaimed her love for The Beatles...
...and she's even gone for a drive.
 Last weekend she spent long-overdue morning with her Great Grandmother...
 ...then played the "older sister" as we caught up with friends of Sumie's from medical school and their new arrivals.
 We finished off that night at a friend's birthday party in Davis. Mimi was such a trooper. From leaving the house at 8:30 to finally getting home at 11:30 that night, she saw the whole day through with hardly a complaint.  Not bad for a two year old.

The next day we headed out to the east bay for cousin Haruki's first birthday. We brought the obligatory cake from Schubert's Bakery.  
Mimi loves playing with her little cousin. She's been singing happy birthday to him all week!
Ice cream was in substantial supply at the party, which Mimi appreciated. 
And I think her cousins Nana and Shuhei got a bit of a sugar high.  
It was a bit cold and stormy the other night, so we decided to light a fire for the evening. Once the fire got going we turned off all the lights, turned on some classical music, and cuddled by the fire. 
I tried to snap a picture of Mimi. It was tough because of the limited light, but she was so mesmerized by the fire, she, for once in her life, held still for a picture.
I rather like the pattern of the last few weeks: busy weekends and quiet nights.  It's a good way to live. Now we just need to find a way to have our weekdays free and we'll be set!

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